Beverly Hills could impose harsh penalties to fight drought

On Friday it was announced that Beverly Hills officials will impose fines in order to meet the government mandated water conservation goals that the city has yet to meet, according to the Washington Post.

California is fining four cities – Beverly Hills, Indio, Redlands, and the Coachella Valley Water District – for proving unable to meet the mandated 25 percent reduction in water usage. These mandates were made in order to combat California’s persisting drought.

The $61,000 fines are being imposed on these four cities though as a whole the rest of the state of California has cut down water consumption by more than 25 percent every month since last June. For four months in a row, Californians have cut back their water consumption by 25 percent.

Last year, Gov. Jerry Brown put into effect a mandate that called for a reduction in water consumption. The reduction in water consumption peaked in July at 31 percent.

The State Water Resources Control Board has announced that it will reveal the enforcement methods it will estate in order reduce water consumption across the state. State officials stress the importance of reduction in water consumption, arguing it is crucial to enforce these mandates as the drought is far from over.

Water board officials say that they will discuss the recent enforcement action on Friday when they will release the state’s water conservation figures for September.

Concern was raised over the water usage reduction percentage in August compared to July. In August, a reduction of 27 percent was recorded, less than the 31 percent reduction that was recorded in July.

Additional fines have been threatened by the State to be enforced if water usage reduction mandates continue to be skirted by these four cities.

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