Exploding water balls in space? NASA releases amazing high-def video from ISS [VIDEO]

Exploding water balls in space? NASA releases amazing high-def video from ISS [VIDEO]

New high-definition footage from the International Space Station shows some amazing experiments.

NASA’s astronauts have been doing a lot aboard the International Space Station, and they’ve just released some high-definition footage of exploding water balls.

That’s right, exploding water balls. NASA gave their astronauts on the ISS high-end RED cameras so they could document their experiments as well as their routines, and Scott Kelly just shot the first high-definition footage from space, according to an Inquisitr report.

To show off the new camera’s capabilities, he uses food coloring and a “ball” of water, which floats in mid air as Kelly uses a bunch of different colors to look like weird, exploding orbs from space. To make them explode, Kelly puts an effervescent tablet in the water ball to create carbon dioxide gas — something that would typically just rise to the surface, but since there is no gravity they just head to the outer edges of the ball, expanding until the bubbles pop and the water goes everywhere in a spectacular explosion.

Kelly used a professional camera often seen in the film industry, which allows it capture the movements of the water ball in exquisite detail.

These so-called 4K cameras will help astronauts improve on their experiments with higher resolution images and better frame rates. It will be a “valuable new tool,” Kelly said according to the report.

Scott Kelly has certainly been NASA’s best marketer in recent months. He recently made the rounds by sharing photographs from his ISS stay, including an incredible picture of the Northern Lights as seen from space, which Kelly uploaded to his Twitter account. The picture quickly went viral.

Kelly was selected back in November 2012 to be part of a year-long mission to the ISS, and he arrived in March of this year, so he’s about halfway through his stay. He commanded the ISS on Expedition 26, and he has an identical twin brother, Mark, who is a former astronauts, making them the only siblings to travel to space.

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