Former Texas A&M football player accused of killing jogger

A former college football player who played ball at Texas A&M has been accused of hacking a jogger to death in Dallas.

Police say that 21-year-old Thomas Johnson admitted he committed the crime on White Rock Creek Trail Monday morning, and even called police after committing the act, according to a Fox News report.

Johnson was reportedly very angry after being kicked out of his home. Dallas Police Department Deputy Chief Rob Sherwin called the crime “quite shocking.”

Johnson is believed to have used a “large-edged weapon” to kill the jogger, who was a white man in his late 20s to early 30s. He was jogging on a trail north of downtown Dallas that is a popular spot for such an activity.

A witness told a local TV station that he saw someone hacking at a body with a machete to the back of the neck.

Johnson played high school football in Dallas and nine games for Texas A&M in 2012, catching 30 passes for 339 yards and a touchdown as a wide receiver.

Johnson has had a troubled life since then, being arrested on charges including evading arrest, burglary, and auo theft for allegedly breaking into his aunt’s home.┬áHe received probation for that crime.

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