Fury rises at Planned Parenthood as new undercover video gets leaked

Fury rises at Planned Parenthood as new undercover video gets leaked

Texas has eliminated Medicaid funding for Planned Parenthood and more could follow over the controversy.

The conservative group Center for Medical Progress is threatening to release new undercover video against Planned Parenthood to prove that doctors perform illegal “partial birth” abortions, and takes payments for the donation of fetal tissue.

The video, which is taken in secret of Dr. Amna Dermish, who is an abortion provider for Planned Parenthood in Texas, depicts the doctor talking about a second-trimester abortion, and then showing little interest in the undercover videographer’s offer for fetal tissue reimbursement fees, according to a Slate report.

CMP is hoping to continue to fuel the outrage toward Planned Parenthood that has led to nationwide protests and promises from GOP lawmakers to defund the organization. They follow previous videos of a Planned Parenthood official that discussed the sale of fetal tissue, outraging conservatives and pro-lifers.

Since the videos have been released, there have been hearings in Congress, there have been raids on clinics in Texas, and Planned Parenthood itself has changed its policy to refuse reimbursement for the donation of fetal tissue, even though the practice is technically legal.

The original tape was of Dr. Deborah Nucatola, who is the senior director of medical services at Planned Parenthood, and it is spliced in with the new footage of Dermish.

Although Nucatola’s comments in the undercover video that caused so much outrage were perfectly legal, it was her casual manner of talking about it that shocked many, especially pro-lifers who disagree fundamentally with pro-choicers on whether or not a fetus represents a human individual.

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