Is Rep. Paul Ryan reconsidering turning down speaker role?

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Paul Ryan, 2012 vice presidential candidate, is reconsidering his decision to not seek the role of speaker of the House as chaos continues to reign in the Republican Party.

Ryan said he doesn’t want to be the next speaker, but with no one lining up to take the job, he is being pressured to step into the role — a role that no one seems to want, according to a New York Times report.

Division and strife led by the party’s conservatives have pushed out Speaker John Boehner and scuttled a big by Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and few others seem interested in a job trying to bridge the divide with people who can’t seem to agree on anything, despite being members of the same party.

Ryan said he’s still a “no” ont aking the job, despite more pressure from Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and Republican National Committeee Chairman Reince Priebus — as well as Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, who had tapped Ryan as his running mate three years ago.

If Ryan doesn’t take the job, there’s not many who can. Ryan’s advantage is that people have heard of him, unlike most of the House’s members, and he currently chairs powerful committees. He is also considered by the party to be a good spokesman for the push to cut taxes and overhaul health care.

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