U.S. astronaut shatters massive space record

U.S. astronaut shatters massive space record

Scott Kelly will go down in the history books after setting a new record aboard the International Space Station.

A major U.S. record in space just fell today, and the man to do with was NASA astronaut Scott Kelly.

Kelly just recorded his 383rd day in space, which is a new record, and he’s got plenty more days to go before he leaves the International Space Station next March,¬†according to a USA Today report.

He’ll also be setting the record for the longest spaceflight by an American astronaut at the end of this month once he records his 216th consecutive day in space. That’ll best the old record held by Michael Lopez-Alegria, which was set in 2006.

Kelly, as is his personality, did not want to bask in the praise, but instead attempted to deflect it to the program. He said over Twitter that records were meant to be broken, and someday his would be beaten to, probably by astronauts on the first mission to Mars.

Kelly’s stay on the ISS ends on March 3, 2016, which will have him descend back to Earth with 522 total days in space stretched over four missions, dating all the way back to the late 1990s.

Kelly has become an important figurehead for NASA, especially as its most recognizable face. He has interacted quite a bit over social media platforms like Twitter with the interested public, sending out spectacular images which he enjoys sharing with those on Earth below who don’t have the view he has.

Kelly has certainly paid his dues at NASA over the last couple of decades. A retired U.S. Navy Captain, he’s been on three previous missions. Back in November 2012, NASA selected him to be on a special year-long mission aboard the ISS, which he is in the midst of right now. He also commanded Expedition 26 on the ISS, and has an identical twin brother named Mark who is also an astronaut, making them the only siblings to have both traveled to space.

Kelly’s space career began back in 1999 when he was aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery, and he did work on the famous Hubble Space Telescope. That was only an eight day mission, and he didn’t have another flight until August 2007.


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