Mass shooting at playground in New Orleans wounds 17

Mass shooting at playground in New Orleans wounds 17

A man has been arrested in connection with the crime.

Police have named a 32-year-old man as a suspect after 17 people were wounded in a shooting at a park in New Orleans this week.

Police are looking for Joseph “Moe” Allen in connection with an incident where gunfire erupted between two groups of people, likely gang-related, according to a Reuters report.

The incident began at Bunny Friend Playground on Sunday in the Upper 9th Ward, where hundreds were having a block party and some were filming a music video.

Allen has been charged with 17 counts of attempted first degree murder, and there are likely more suspects involved. One of the victims was just 10 years old, and many others were also young.

Fortunately, no one died in the shooting, and most of the victims were in good to fair condition. There were one or two with critical wounds, but they were not life threatening.

The 9th ward of New Orleans is located in the easternmost downriver portion of the city, and is the largest of the 17 wards of the city in geographical terms. It is bounded by the city and was particularly devastated by Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Allen apparently has a long rap sheet, according to a report.

Police are asking people to come forward with information about the incident, as despite the huge crowd at the park, police haven’t received any videos of the incident, and they have good reason to believe there is plenty of footage of it.

Police Superintendent Michael Harrison said that “we need videos, we need photos, we need people to come forward, according to the report.

Police found as many as 70 bullet casings from the shooting, but only Allen has so far been identified as a suspect.

Allen is a convicted felon with crimes dating back to 2002 that include carjacking, home invasion, weapons possession, and drug possession.

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