Uproar: Donald Trump scrambles into damage control after Muslim database comments

Uproar: Donald Trump scrambles into damage control after Muslim database comments

Trump stirred up some controversy by suggesting tracking all Muslims -- but it's what he's said lately that is raising eyebrows.

Donald Trump earned a heap of negative media coverage after implying that he might possibly track Muslims in response to recent terror attacks — but what he said recently might be even more surprising.

It’s the fact that he’s maybe walking his comments back — although in typical Trump fashion, it’s the reporter’s fault, not his, according to a Washington Post report.

Trump took to his well-used Twitter account on Friday after causing a national uproar with comments that harkened back to Nazi-era Germany and the registration of Jews, commenting that he “didn’t suggests a database — a reporter did.”

He went on to say: “We must defeat Islamic terrorism & have surveillance, including a watch list, to protect America.”

The controversy erupted Thursday when NBC News asked Trump, who is currently a front-runner for the GOP presidential nomination, if there should be a database for tracking Muslims in the wake of terror attacks in France and elsewhere that have resulted in fear of further attacks from Islamic extremists. Trump responded that there “should be a lot of systems beyond databases,” including dealing with the U.S. border. Asked if he would implement this were he elected president, Trump said that he would do that “absolutely.”

Trump was combative later in the evening when he was pressed on the proposal, repeating “You tell me” when asked how a Muslim database would be different than the registry of Jews in Nazi Germany.

The comments by Trump provided an opening for other GOP candidates to slam him for suggesting what amounted to internment. Jeb Bush called it “just wrong.”

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