What is ‘Circle with Disney’, and how is it letting parents control their kids?

What is ‘Circle with Disney’, and how is it letting parents control their kids?

Disney is unveiling the new gadget at a price tag of $99, and it's creating quite the buzz.

The brand new “Circle with Disney” device is going on sale today for $99, and it aims to let parents have complete control over kids — no matter what device they’re on.

It will come in a small cube that can be hooked up to a local Wi-Fi network, and it will allow the parents to set controls on what kind of content can be accessed from a child’s device, according to a Wired report.

But it can do more than that: parents can also use it to limit how long a child can spend on a certain website, and it also provides the ability to pause the Wi-Fi in the household. In addition, parents will have access to tools to monitor how time is spent online — not just surfing the web but also apps on the phone or surface device as well.

For two years, Circle has been improving the device, completely overhauling its app and how content is categorized.

And Disney is going to use its new partnership with Circle to sneak more of its own content in. An app called MyCircle that will be included will also deliver “a curated selection of Disney content,” according to the report.

As always with devices like this that control content and gather data, there are privacy concerns, notes the report. However, Circle’s partnership with Disney, a known brand in families, may help it earn the trust of its customer base.

Expect to hear more from this product down the road, as a subscription service called Circle with Disney Go will extend to devices outside the home, including those on 4G LTE and not on Wi-Fi at all. This is expected sometime next year, according to the report.

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