Arnold Schwarzenegger slams meat eaters — go vegan, he says in angry new missive

Arnold Schwarzenegger slams meat eaters — go vegan, he says in angry new missive

Arnold Schwarzenegger has gone nuts on meat eaters.

The movie star and former governor of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger, is flipping out on meat eaters.

Get rid of that meat and switch to vegetables, the “governator” of California said recently, according to a Christian Science Monitor report.

Schwarzenegger believes there should be more environmental initiatives for people to both encourage healthy eating and to reduce the strain on the climate, as the United Nations and world leaders from a multitude of nations attempt to tackle the climate change problem in Paris this month.

Schwarzenegger is advising you start slow, and go on a meat fast for just one or two days per week. He advises switching to kale instead of to animals, noting that grazing animals result in greater greenhouse gas effects that would result in a warmer climate and worse conditions for mankind. If humans could do their part, he argues, it would reduce the strain on our environment.

The United Nations estimates that in 35 years, the world will consume 70 percent morel livestock and increase its greenhouse emissions to 14.5 percent.

There aren’t many vegetarians in the United States, with just 5 percent identifying as so based on a Gallup poll from 2012, according to the report.

And the trend is for women to identify as vegetarians far more often than men, with 7 percent of women identifying as such versus 4 percent of men.

Schwarzenegger says that you don’t need to eat lots of meat in order to look ripped. He said you can get protein in many different ways, and that many weight lifters are vegetarians.

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