Get ready, America: ‘Pokken Tournament’ Wii U controller is coming after all

Get ready, America: ‘Pokken Tournament’ Wii U controller is coming after all

A special controller just for the Pokemon fighting game could be making its way to America soon.

A specialized Wii U controller just for the Pokemon fighting game Pokken Tournament could be headed for U.S. shores soon, making waves in the gaming community.

It was thought that Japan would be the only place where you could buy the controller, set for launch in March, but tech blogs are reporting it’s going to show up in America as well, according to an Engadget report.

The controller showed up on Amazon at a price tag of $24.99 and a launch date of March 18. It is designed to work with the arcade version of Pokken Tournament, using ZL and ZR buttons on its face instead of on the back for easier reach.

Pokken Tournament has become quite the sensation since its release back in July by developer Bandai Namco for the Wii U.

The arcade fighting game takes fighting elements from the Tekken series by Bandai Namco and combines it with the Pokemon universe. It was first intended for Japanese arcades but is set to debut on the Wii U worldwide in 2016.

In the game, two fighters choose a Pokemon and then battle it out. It is meant for a more casual gaming set than the Tekken series, focusing less on complex moves and more on action. There are a total of 11 playable characters, including series star Pikachu.

The game was first reported in August 2013, when it was teased during an event in Japan. It wasn’t officially announced until a year later.

Here is a brief statement from the company on the release of Pokken Tournament this spring: “The first players to get Pokkén Tournament can start battling with Shadow Mewtwo right away! Get set for big-time battles when Pokkén Tournament launches in spring, 2016! Players who purchase Pokkén Tournament during its initial launch will receive a Shadow Mewtwo amiibo card. When the card is read using the Wii U GamePad, Shadow Mewtwo will be unlocked in Pokkén Tournament immediately as you begin playing. Normally, you would have to fulfill certain conditions to unlock Shadow Mewtwo.

“Look forward to the opportunity to unlocking Shadow Mewtwo right away when Pokkén Tournament is released in spring, 2016!”

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