Google Glass is back — here are the biggest changes

Google Glass is back — here are the biggest changes

Google is giving Glass another shot, and they're making some major changes in the process.

Google Glass is back — but is it better than ever?

That’s the big question — after all, consumers weren’t terribly impressed with the new-fangled gadget and the search giant opted to shelve the headset that resembles a pair of glasses. But this time, Google has made some tweaks that they hope will do the trick, according to a Seeking Alpha report.

A new FCC filing indicates that Google is rebooting the device, dubbed “GG1,” although we may still be far away from an actual market offering.

The new Google Glass will do away with the nose bridge and utilize foldable arms. It will also no longer wrap around the users’ face as it did before. The company also made some upgrades to the technology, including a longer battery life, better wireless connectivity, and improved processor speed, according to the report.

But those might not be the most significant changes. Google Glass earned a lot of controversy among privacy advocates due to the fact that people could be recording through the glasses without anyone knowing, leading to many critics calling people who wear them “Glassh***s.” Now, the new product will have a green light that will come on when video is being captured.

The device sold for $1,500 when it was originally released to the market.

Google elected to stop producing the Google Glass prototype last January, although they reiterated they were still committed to developing the product. The company called it “Google X,” or the experimental phase of the project.

But the question is, will consumers buy this time?

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