Scientists amazed: The eyes of a dolphin are like nothing you’d expect

Scientists amazed: The eyes of a dolphin are like nothing you’d expect

Scientists were amazed to find this to see a dolphin's world as it sees things.

An amazing new study may completely change the way scientists think about dolphins.

The study examines a dolphin’s echolocation signals and have determined what exactly a dolphin “sees,” and they contacted a 3D printing company so that humans can get a pretty good idea for what kind of vision they have, according to a Huffington Post report.

Scientists at the Speak Dolphin organization in Miami used a device referred to as CymaScope to record data from a dolphin as it uses echolocation. Using the help of a 3D printing company, they were then able to produce a 2D visual image with the data.

This 2D data formed the image of a human, which left the scientists “speechless,” according to the report. It may be the first time scientists have been able to see what animals see with sound.

Dolphins use high frequency sound beams to capture a still image much like a camera does. These characteristic clicks by dolphins help them locate objects in water without using eyesight.

Said Jack Kassewitz, who is the founder of “We’ve been working on dolphin communication for more than a decade. … When we discovered that dolphins not exposed to the echolocation experiment could identify objects from recorded dolphin sounds with 92% accuracy, we began to look for a way for to see what was in those sounds.”

He added: “When a dolphin scans an object with its high frequency sound beam, each short click captures a still image, similar to a camera taking photographs. Each dolphin click is a pulse of pure sound that becomes modulated by the shape of the object.”

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