Starbucks scrambles to pull Turkey Sandwich off its shelves after huge E. coli outbreak

Starbucks scrambles to pull Turkey Sandwich off its shelves after huge E. coli outbreak

A new outbreak of the E. coli outbreak hits Starbucks coffee shops from the same strain to hit Costco.

Starbucks is rushing to get a handle on a new E. coli outbreak at its stores.

It’s been hit by the same E. coli strain that caused the Costco outbreak, and it’s forcing the coffee chain to pull holiday turkey paninis from 1,347 locations in the United States after discovering the outbreak, according to a Bloomberg report.

The sandwiches were being sold in stores as part of the holiday lineup for the chain, and most of them were pulled form shops in California, Nevada, and Oregon, with no other markets affected at this time and no reports of any illnesses yet.

At the heart of the problem is celery, which can be found in the cranberry cornbread stuffing in the sandwich. This ingredient was fingered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as the cause of an E. coli outbreak that caused 19 people to get sick in seven states. The bacteria was found in a celery and onion blend in chicken salad sold at Costco. This further resulted in Taylor Farms Pacific recalling a number of celery products, and that included the sandwiches sold at Starbucks.

E. coli outbreaks have been causing big problems for major chains in the United States. Besides Costco and this Starbucks recall, Chipotle Mexican Grill also had been dealing with an E. coli outbreak of its own that resulted in 45 customers getting sick. Health officials still aren’t sure what caused that outbreak.

E. coli is a potentially deadly disease that primarily causes risks to the elderly, the very young, and those with compromised immune systems. Most strains of E. coli are harmless, but some cause major problems in the human body, including abdominal cramping, diarrhea, gas, fatigue, fever, and nausea.

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