Stunning new images of Pluto will blow your mind

Stunning new images of Pluto will blow your mind

NASA has just release the clearest photos yet of Pluto -- and they show some amazing stuff.

NASA’s New Horizons spacecraft has just sent a treasure back to Earth.

New black and white images of Pluto show some of the clearest close-up shots of the surface, giving us an unprecedented glimpse at the former ninth planet and how it would look on its surface, according to a Christian Science Monitor report.

Those images have been uploaded to NASA’s New Horizons image gallery, which can be found here.

It’s incredible imagery of the surface of a dwarf planet billions of miles from here on Earth, providing mankind with unprecedented glimpses of distant objects in space. The New Horizons spacecraft has been making headlines ever since it flew past Pluto earlier this year, and it has slowly trickled back data and images to Earth in the months since then, and it will continue to do so for a while as it speeds toward the Kuiper Belt.

New Horizons was launched back in 2006, and has been sailing through space on a long journey ever since then. Its images of Pluto show a dwarf planet covered in craters, mountains, and nitrogen ice fields stretching for miles.

John Grunsfeld, the associate administrator for NASA’s Science Mission Directorate, was quoted in the CSM report as saying: “New Horizons thrilled us during the July flyby with the first close images of Pluto, and as the spacecraft transmits the treasure trove of images in its onboard memory back to us, we continue to be amazed by what we see. … These close-up images, showing the diversity of terrain on Pluto, demonstrate the power of our robotic planetary explorers to return intriguing data to scientists back here on planet Earth.”

It’s pretty incredible that scientists have collected this imagery, considering nothing like this was accomplished in the first flybys of our neighbors, Mars and Venus.

Expect more high-resolution images in the coming days as New Horizons continues to offload data.

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