You won’t believe what this new ARCA hoverboard can do — or what it costs

You won’t believe what this new ARCA hoverboard can do — or what it costs

You can now preorder an ArcaBoard hoverboard straight out of Back to the Future from ARCA Space Corporation -- for an astronomical price.

ARCA Space Corporation has just unveiled a new hoverboard that actually hovers, but it’s going to cost you.

Unlike those “hoverboards” you see everywhere that are essentially just miniature Segways, ARCA Space Corporation has released a hoverboard that uses 36 electric fans with 272 horsepower to actually lift you off the ground, according to an Engadget report.

There’s just one catch: it’ll cost you 20 large.

That’s right, at $19,900, you most likely won’t be seeing your friends floating down the sidewalk on one of these anytime soon. But it’s certainly an interesting new product that calls to mind the hoverboards featured in Back to the Future back in the 1980s.

The company calls it a “revolutionary breakthrough for transportation” that can be steered with a smartphone, although you can also manually steer it like a skateboard if you’re feeling adventurous enough. It can reach speeds of up to 12.5 miles per hour, but the batteries run out in just six minutes, and it takes six hours to recharge.

It’s called the ArcaBoard, and the Engadget report wasn’t impressed with the offering, calling it “most likely the worst kind of attention-grabbing PR stunt,” mainly based on paying such a huge price tag for such a clunky and minimally effective piece of what it termed “vaporware.” That’s a not-so-nice term to refer to a piece of technology that is announced with lots of fanfare but is soon cancelled before making it to market.

ARCA Space Corporation is headquartered in Las Cruces, New Mexico. Its primary business is building rockets and unmanned aircraft focused on space exploration. It was found in Romania back in 1999, and has launched two stratospheric rockets and four stratospheric balloons in its history, getting funding from both the Romanian government and the European Space Agency. The company is working on a suborbital rocket plane as well as a straospheric drone.

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