Breaking: Huge development for Google Fiber

Breaking: Huge development for Google Fiber

It's the service everyone is waiting for -- and there's been a big new development.

Get ready, Google Fiber fans: there’s just been a big new development.

Google is looking to add a new phone service for those on its Fiber cable and internet service, according to a report.

Now, Google Fiber users will be able to use one phone number for all devices — that means your smartphone and your landline won’t have to have separate numbers.

But it’s a lot more than that. Voice mails will now be sent to email inboxes, spam filtering will be improving, and you’ll also be able to screen calls and put your phone on “do not disturb,” according to the report.

But you can’t just sign up for it — not yet anyway. Google Fiber Phone is invite only, and Google so far is only reaching out to those in the Fiber Trusted Tester program. Google will send letters to those it wants to take part in the program, providing a deadline of a week for a reply. Google will then send a technician if you say yes.

Meanwhile, Google Fiber just keeps on expanding, surely causing nervousness in the headquarters of Comcast and other cable providers as fans eagerly await its arrival in their cities. Back in December, Google announced that it was inviting Chicago and Los Angeles to look into bringing Google Fiber to their cities. Currently, Fiber is available in the cities of Kansas city, Austin, and Provo, Utah. Some upcoming Fiber cities include Raleigh-Durham, Charlotte, Atlanta, Nashville, San Antonio, and Salt Lake City.

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