‘Explosive’ game is the latest craze on the Apple store — here’s how it works

‘Explosive’ game is the latest craze on the Apple store — here’s how it works

"Exploding Kittens" is the latest sensation after it set a record on Kickstarter by raising $8.8 million.

“Exploding Kittens” is taking the Apple app store by storm — and we have the wacky details on how this game is played.

The game, created by popular site The Oatmeal, set a record on Kickstarter as the most funded game in history, as we reported recently, when it raised $8.8 million from 200,000 backers. Now that’s available on the iOS, it’ll be coming to the Android soon as well. It costs $1.99 on an iOS device and has in-app purchases, but those purchases are free for a limited time.

How does the game work? Up to six people can play at one time, and all on the same device. It basically acts like a game of Russian Roulette as players draw from a deck, hoping to avoid the “exploding kitten” card that immediately knocks the person who drew the card out of the game. It’s not that simple, you can also use special cards to stop an exploding kitten to save yourself or someone else.

The game has a lot of cards to mix things up. There is a “see the future” card allowing you to spot the exploding kitten in advance by looking at the three top cards. If a person sees that an exploding kitten is right there waiting to be draw, you can play an “attack card” to skip your turn and have the next player take two turns. However, another player could respond with a “nope card” that cancels the attack, and now it’s back to being your turn. But you still don’t have to draw: you can play a “shuffle card” to shuffle the pile and get yourself out of danger.

All in all, it’s an addictive game that could soon become the biggest thing since Angry Birds.

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