Here’s what to expect with Xbox Two

Here’s what to expect with Xbox Two

Xbox Two is coming sooner or later, so what features will it have?

Xbox One has a couple of years under its belt now, and it’s never too early to start thinking about what the follow-on could look like. Here are a few likely features when Microsoft finally gets around to developing Xbox Two, as described by

Look for the Xbox Two to be completely wireless. We already have wireless controllers, now the next step is to disconnect the console itself. That will be tough to do, particularly when it comes to a power supply, but it’s certainly possible to develop a self-contained power unit.

Another likely developed is that the Xbox Two will get a lot more portable. Simply removing the wires will help that a lot, but the trend is always toward smaller devices.

Then there’s the battery. To be portable and wire-free, it will need to have an internal power source. Batteries are not quite there yet, but as the years pass, they continue to get smaller, more powerful, and they last a lot longer. It’s not inconceivable to think that years down the road, they’ll be small enough to power a portable console.

Another development you may see with Xbox Two is a completely redesigned controller. We’ve basically been using the same type of controller since consoles first emerged decades ago. Is it time for a radical redesign, like what Nintendo did with the Wii? The future controller could be something we wear.

The graphical interface could be different as well, like something out of Minority Report where one can move objects on a screen with their fingers and hands.

And with virtual reality emerging as a growth area, it’s not hard to imaging that a VR headset could be part of the new console experience. The Xbox already has the Kinect, and that could be used in the future to link up with VR sets.

Another likelihood is that Xbox Two will signal the official death of physical copies of games. All games will be download only, and it seems things are progressing that way already.

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