Meet ‘Nadine’ — A robot so real, it’s creepy

Meet ‘Nadine’ — A robot so real, it’s creepy

NTU researchers created a robot that has its own moods and emotions, and a good memory.

Researchers at Nanyang Technological University in Singapore have created a robot so lifelike that it not only looks like a human, but has its own mood and emotions.

And it could represent the future of receptionists — at least that’s how Professor Nadia Thalmann, the scientist behind the robot, sees this new technology, according to an ABC News report.

You’ll notice a similarity between Nadine and Thalmann. That’s because Nadine was modeled after Thalmann herself.

But the personality is allt he robot’s, Thalmann says. It has its own personality, mood, and emotions, and it was showcased at an event at NTU this week. Thalmann thinks that such robots will become more prevalent in offices and homes in the coming years.

Nadine smiles when greeting a person, and even makes eye contact during conversation. She is also capable of shaking hands with people, and can look happy or sad depending on the topic of the conversation. She has the ability to remember people she has met as well as what they talked about, and the university boasts that her software is every bit as intelligent as Apple’s Siri or Microsoft’s Cortana.

Such social robots could be a boon in the future, especially with societies that have large aging populations and a shrinking workforce. They could become personal campanions for children and the elderly alike.

NTU also unveiled a robot named EDGAR, which is a tele-presence robot that can copy body movements and facial expressions in a user, and act out a script.

We may still be years away from experiencing robots like Nadine in our daily lives, but science has certainly shown we are close to making them a more practical tool for mankind through discoveries like these.

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