Warning: Pizza boxes have stuff in them that may cause cancer

Warning: Pizza boxes have stuff in them that may cause cancer

And they're not talking about the pizza itself.

The Food and Drug Administration has stepped in to deal with the problem of pizza boxes.

The FDA announced it will ban three types of perfluoroalkyl ethyl, found in a number of food contact substances (FCSs) to repel oil and water and prevent soaking of the paper or paperboard used to transport pizzas and other types of foods, according to a Food Safety News report.

The FDA says it has found new data that indicates that these substances are toxic and that they can’t be reasonably certain that there is no harm from FCSs. The chemical can result in a number of health complications, including but not limited to cancer.

The agency was responding to a petition filed by the Natural Resources Defense Council, the Center for Food Safety, the Breast Cancer Fund, the Center for Environmental Health, Clean Water Action, the Center for Science in the Public Interest, Children’s Environmental Health Network, Environmental Working Group, and Improving Kids’ Environment.

That means Perfluoroalkyl ethyl will be banned 30 days after the final rule is published in the Federal Register. Interested parties may submit objections or call for a public hearing.

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