You won’t believe how big this TV that LG just unveiled is

You won’t believe how big this TV that LG just unveiled is

LG has just unveiled a 98-inch 8K behemoth.

This year’s Consumer Electronics Show is likely to be filled with cool announcements about gadgets and automobiles — but LG is looking to make a huge splash with a new television, and we do mean a huge splash.

LG has unveiled details on its new TV lineup for 2016 before its Jan. 5 press conference at the show, and its new product, “Super UHD,” could really take consumers’ breath away, according to a Digital Trends report.

The centerpiece of this new lineup is a massive 98-inch, 8K Super UHD television, representing the largest of the lineup that includes three models and multiple screen sizes.

All of the televisions in this lineup will feature HDR Plus, meaning they can all display High Dynamic Range content from a multitude of sources. It can also improve content that isn’t HDR into something that resembles HDR.

The models will also feature a Flat Ultra Slim design, with the UH9500 being the thinnest of all time for LG at just 6.6 mm thick. LG says it didn’t have to compromise audio quality for that thinness.

But it’s that 98-incher that’s sure to grab attention at the show. LG says the TV is production ready, but it’s only available as a special order item with undoubtedly very expensive installation services.

LG has actually shown bigger screens in the past, including a 105-inch TV, but this is the first mega-display to also offer 8K, or four times the resolution of 4K Ultra HD TVs. The TV may still be a little bit niche and experimental, but it also could represent the future of where televisions are going.

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