Astonishing discovery of quantum dot solids could change electronics forever

Astonishing discovery of quantum dot solids could change electronics forever

Researchers at Cornell have stumbled upon something amazing that could radically change the world of electronics.

A new discovery at Cornell University has scientists talking about what it could mean for electronics.

They’ve discovered something called quantum dot solids, which are crystals made out of crystals, and it could change the electronics industry like the semiconducting silicon called the wafer did 60 years ago, according to a UPI report.

Using brand new chemical processes, researchers were able to synthesis lead selenium nanocrystals into larger crystals, using them to make 2D superstructure that requires no intermediary material to hold them together.

This would allow for the electronic coupling of quantum dots, providing an controllable electronic structure that would make this possible, according to the report.

While more work will need to be done to refine the process, the researchers think this could be a groundbreaking new finding with tremendous implications.

“As far as level of perfection, in terms of making the building blocks and connecting them into these superstructures, that is probably as far as you can push it,” Tobias Hanrath, associate professor in the Robert Frederick Smith School of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering and the team’s leader, said in a statement.

“I see this paper as sort of a challenge for other researchers to take this to another level,” graduate student Kevin Whitham added in the statement. “This is as far as we know how to push it now, but if someone were to come up with some technology, some chemistry, to provide another leap forward, this is sort of challenging other people to say, ‘How can we do this better?’”

The findings were published in the journal Nature Materials.

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