Oculus Rift has just announced a huge deal

Oculus Rift has just announced a huge deal

'Oculus Ready' promises to give consumers everything they want with new bundles.

Are you ready to spend big on the full Oculus Rift experience? Well then, get out your checkbook, because it’s finally here.

Oculus revealed details today of its first “Oculus Ready” package, a bundle that would include the Oculus Rift along with a PC that has been certified as “Oculus Ready,” and it will only set you back $1,499 — minimum, according to an Ars Technica report.

That’s a good bit more expensive than the $599 price tag for a Rift virtual reality headset alone, but at least you won’t have to worry about doing the work to hunt down a computer that will work brilliantly with your new virtual reality toy.

You’ll have a range of options for what kind of computer to get. The lower end of computers that can support Oculus Rift requirements include PCs like the Alienware X51 R3, ASUS G11CD, and Dell XPS 8900, which cost in the $1,499 to $1,599 range when bundled with rift. If you want a bundle with a higher-end computer, that could cost you a good bit more. The Alienware Alien 51 on the high end will give you everything you need for a great Oculus Rift experience, but the computer alone will cost you $2,549, and you’ll still need to get the Rift separately.

Preorders at Amazon, Best Buy, and the Microsoft Store start February 16, and the company will ship to some hand-picked countries sometimes in April.

So what’s the actual savings of getting the bundle? It’s certainly not huge, but it will save you between $100 and $200 versus buying an Oculus Rift and a computer separately, according to the report. You might save more than that if you’re willing to do the legwork to find better deals on other PCs that have the requirements to support the Rift.

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