Scientists discovery one very, very good reason why you should eat organic foods

Scientists discovery one very, very good reason why you should eat organic foods

Organic milk and meat are the way to go, a new study says.

Don’t care about eating organic? Maybe you should, says a new study.

New research indicates that organic milk and meat have a whopping 50 percent more omega-3 fatty acids than non-organic foods, according to a Yahoo News report.

Omega-3, as most people know by now, is a very beneficial substance that has been linked to reduced rates of cariovascular disease and better neurological and immune function. It’s part of what makes fish such a healthy option, as they are loaded with omega-3 fatty acids.

But as it turns out, whether you buy organic meat or milk matters. Researchers found stark differences between organic and non-organic products after going through almost 200 different studies on milk and 67 on meat to look for trends.

It’s an important finding because the West typically doesn’t get enough of these beneficial fatty acids, and the study shows that boosting our instake could be as simple as switching to organic, without any actual diet changes involved.

The study found that a pint of milk contains about 11 percent of the daily dose of omega-3, versus 16 percent for organic milk.

Interestingly enough, the higher omega-3 milk isn’t directly due to the food being organic. It’s actually the feed that is given to the animals themselves, as organic animals are typically grass-fed. Skeptics also pointed out that there may be some trade-offs to the increase in omega-3s, such as more saturated and trans fats found in organic dairy and meat. Instead, many dieticians recommend focusing on getting your omega-3s from oily fish and eggs, rather than simply switching to organic products.

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