Scientists release amazing 360-degree view of Mars

Scientists release amazing 360-degree view of Mars

NASA's Curiosity rover snapped a selfie in the process.

It’s an absolutely jaw-dropping sight: the vibrant, full-color view of the red desert that is Mars in a brand new 360-degree image from NASA’s Mars Curiosity rover.

It’s nothing short of breathtaking to see such a crystal clear picture of the surface of a sunlit alien world, a world toxic to humans, and a new picture from NASA provides yet another fascinating image of the Red Planet, according to an Engadget report.

It’s been four years since Curiosity arrived on Mars, and during its journey of discovery it’s taken more than a few amazing pictures. This latest one was at the Namib Dune, which is situated just northwest of Mount Sharp. The image that was released is a composite of 57 images that were taken on January 19th by the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI), which is basically a big selfie stick at the end of the rover’s arm.

Curiosity has been at the dune collecting sand samples for analysis as NASA works to learn ore about the winds on Mars, which are apparently causing the sands of the dunes to shift. These findings could prove crucial to future efforts to land humans on Mars, according to the report.

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