The YouTube of Virtual Reality is coming

The YouTube of Virtual Reality is coming

Wevr has raised $25 million to create a huge library of virtual reality.

A California-based startup called Wevr wants to create the YouTube of virtual reality.

That’s good news for all the people who bought virtual reality devices but have a hard time finding videos specifically formatted for use on them. The company has raised $25 million from investors to create Wevr Transport, which is currently in private beta and would serve as an online virtual reality content network, according to a Fortune report.

The network would allow creators to publish their videos, and users would then be able to access them on their virtual reality devices. It would feature both free and paid content, and there would be a Transport app. It would be compatible with all the popular virtual reality devices: Samsung Gear VR, Facebook’s Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, and Google Cardboard.

It will be a full court press — rather than simply provide a library of virtual reality videos, the company will actively work with independent virtual reality filmmakers to create content, and a $1 million fund has been set up for this.

“Through our collaboration with startup KaleidoscopeVR we discovered Tyler Hurd (known for his viral VR hit Butts) and partnered with him on a new interactive experience that will be showcased at Tribeca Film Festival,” Neville Spiteri, co-founder and CEO of Wevr, said according to the report. “Other artists coming to Transport include Phil Tippett (Academy Award winner best known for stop-motion animation work) and hip-hop band Run The Jewels’ debut VR work, VRTJ.”

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