WATCH: Angry workers yell at exec after company announces move to Mexico [VIDEO]

WATCH: Angry workers yell at exec after company announces move to Mexico [VIDEO]

Workers are outraged after being told their employer, Carrier Heating and Air, is moving to Mexico.

It was quite a dramatic announcement, and now it’s making the rounds on YouTube: a crowd of employees was informed that they would all be losing their jobs in the coming years as the company relocates to Mexico.

Not many people may have heard of Carrier Heating and Air in Indianapolis, but their recent announcement that their 1,400-worker facility will be moving to Monterrey, Mexico, is sure to become an election year issue.

Carrier Heating and Air revealed to their employees on Wednesday that the company had begun a transition that will take three years, according to a Daily Mail report.

United Technologies owns the company, which will start transitioning in 2017. Employees erupted in anger when president Chris Nelson announced the decision to him, and even shouted obscenities before walking out, according to the report.

In video captured from a cell phone, the crowd can be seen erupting with shouts and boos after hearing the announcement of the move. One person even yelled out “f*** you.”

Nelson attempts to get the crowd to quiet down afer the announcement in order to share more information, but he was repeatedly interrupted with shouts before finally finishing his comments.

Nelson called it an “extremely difficult decision,” adding: “It was made most difficult because I understand that it will have an impact on all of you, your families, and the community.”

The workers had apparently been told earlier in the day to shut down their machinery and attend the meeting. Naturally, the workers were apprehensive about what was about to be announced, and when Nelson revealed that they basically would see their jobs outsourced to Mexico in a few years time, the room exploded in anger.

The company said in a statement they are making the decision because of the “rapidly changing HVAC industry,” and that new regulatory requirements have been raising costs in the industry. Relocating will allow the company to be more efficient, the statement read.

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