Scientists shocked by NASA’s latest announcement

Scientists shocked by NASA’s latest announcement

February's temperatures have shattered records.

NASA has released the temperatures for February, and the results have absolutely floored scientists across the globe.

February was the hottest on record for Planet Earth, and the margin was even wider than scientists had expected, according to a Discovery News report.

While there is a strong El Nino in effect that is helping prop up global temperatures, the long-term warming of the planet is believed to be the primary cause behind the extremely warm months. And February was the most anomalously warm month Earth has seen in 135 years that NASA has tracked weather data as 2016 remains well on pace to be the hottest year on record.

February showed temperatures that were 2.43 degrees Fahrenheit, or 1.35 degrees Celsius, warmer than the average from 1951 through 1980, and 0.8 degrees Fahrenheit warmer than the previous record February in 1998. It is now the 10th month in a row to set a monthly record, which ties a streak in 1944, according to the report.

The last El Nino event between 1997 and 1998 saw nine months in a row that set records in terms of global temperatures, but only one of those months remains in the top five for its respective month, with most of those records having long since been surpassed by more recent months, indicating a long-term warming trend.

Scientists think that due to higher levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, temperatures may be higher today than they were at any time since at least 4,000 years ago.

Despite the seemingly overwhelming evidence, there remains a significant pocket of resistance to climate change reforms. GOP presidential candidate Marco Rubio said on a recent appearance on CNN that he doesn’t think it makes sense to implement policies to slow the march of global warming.

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