This newly released Microsoft product will blow your mind

This newly released Microsoft product will blow your mind

It costs $22,000, and some might say it doesn't make sense for Microsoft to even make it.

Microsoft is known for being a software company, but today it’s shipping out a massive piece of hardware that seems almost bizarre for the company to produce: the Surface Hub.

The Surface Hub is available in two sizes: $9,000 for 55 inches, and a whopping $22,000 for 84 inches, and they are intended to repalce whiteboard and videoconferencing systems in corporate boardrooms, according to a PC World report.

Microsoft announced Surface Hub back in January 2015. It is a touch-based monitor system that is meant for business collaboration, and it is now finally shipping out.

It will have fourth-generation Intel Core processors, 128 gigabytes of solid state storage, 8 gigs of RAM, four UBS ports, Bluetooth and WiFi, and gigabet ethernet.

It’s a hefty piece of hardware, weighing in at 105 pounds for the smaller model and 280 pounds for the full-size version.

The Surface Hub has been delayed somewhat, as production was scheduled for last September.

“Microsoft Surface Hub reimagines the meeting experience so that you can unlock the power of the group,” Microsoft’s marketing materials state. “You can walk up and join a Skype for Business meeting with a single tap, and share content effortlessly, so that you spend your time connecting to people rather than technology. And since you can easily send meeting notes and content, you can communicate outcomes and action points.

“Make working together the most productive part of your day,” the copy continues. “Share your ideas with others on a canvas that is as big as your imagination. Bring teams together in a way that feels completely natural, with technology that doesn’t intrude, but helps ideas flow. Expand what can be accomplished in the moment and then don’t lose the momentum – capture your work so you can act on it later.”

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