Is Dr. Oz just a quack?

Is Dr. Oz just a quack?

Dr. Oz recently got a hospital sued because his TV show filmed patients without their consent.

The New York Presbyterian hospital will have to pony up $2.2 million in a settlement reached with the Department of Health and Human Services … and all because they allowed TV doctor Dr. Oz to film patients without their consent, according to the lawsuit. It’s the latest in a string of incidents involving Dr. Oz that have caused many to question just how much of a doctor he is — a criticism that Dr. Oz hits back at fiercely.

The HHS said in a statement that it had reached the settlement with the hospital over claims it violated medical ethics allowing Dr. Oz’s “NY Med” program to film patients, one of whom died on camera, as we reported recently.

Dr. Oz, full name Mehmet Oz, has made a career appearing on TV and promoting products of dubious quality, to the point that he was called before Congress and grilled for pushing questionable products that haven’t been vetted for their effectiveness, using his status as a doctor to provide the products with some credibility. Dr. Oz has denied that he has behaved unethically, claiming that he believes in products he promotes and doesn’t make incorrect claims about them.

A┬ástudy published in BMJ in 2014 tried to look into Dr. Oz’s claims and see if they were founded in good science. Instead, the research found that his recommendations were “frequently absent, contradictory, or of poor quality.”

Make no mistake about it, the Turkish-American is definitely a doctor. He’s a board-certified┬ácardiothoracic surgeon, but his strong promotion of alternative medicines on his TV show have caused many to wonder whether he is a salesman first and a doctor second.

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