Is the U.S. government gambling with your health care?

Is the U.S. government gambling with your health care?

CMS unveiled a massive new initiative that could change the relationship between doctors and patients.

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services is┬ámaking a big gamble with health care — and not everyone is convinced it will pay off.

The agency has unveiled a new primary care model that would give doctors more flexibility to decide just how their patients should get care, according to a CMS statement.

The initiative would allow physicians to choose how they want to care for Medicare patients, a 5-year initiative called the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus model. The agency based the model on lessons learned from its 2012 Comprehensive Primary Care initiative.

Not everyone is convinced it will work. Some argue that there’s no evidence it will save any money at all or lead to better care. American Medical Association president Steven Stack called the new CMS model a step up from previous efforts, but added it’s not quite clear whether physicians will get on board with alternative payment models, according to a Diagnostic Imaging report.

Health news site Modern Healthcare, however, called it a “bold gamble” in a recent editorial. Skeptics have criticized the new initiative, but the editorial called it a “bold move and long overdue,” as most primary care physicians need significant financial incentives to coordinate care, and it’s the “right thing to do for patients and the healthcare system.”

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