Scientists stunned to find largest ever Python in Malaysia

Scientists stunned to find largest ever Python in Malaysia

It's the biggest ever python recorded, and it died suddenly recently.

An incredibly massive python that was discovered on a building site in Malaysia has suddenly passed away.

At 26 feet long, it is believed to be the longest python ever spotted, beating out the current Guinness World Record holder by one foot. It was located under a fallen tree the island of Penang, according to a BBC report.

Authorities believe it died on Sunday while laying eggs. It hadn’t been officially measured by record keepers, but is believed to be larger than Medusa, a reticulated python currently being kept at a haunted house in Kansas City.

Authorities think that the snake’s capture, in combination with the stress of laying eggs, may have been what caused it to die so suddenly. The snake had laid one egg and then suddenly gone “quiet,” according to the report.

The Malaysian Department of Wildlife was supposed to take over possession of the snake before it died.

Pythons are constrictors that feed on birds and mammals, killing their pray by squeezing them to death.

They are not typically dangerous to humans. Usually, they must be startled or provoked in order to attack, although females protecting eggs can be quite aggressive.

Pythons typically lay their eggs and arrange them in a poil, coiling around the pile until the eggs are hatched. They “shiver” on the eggs to keep them warm via friction, as they cannot regulate their body temperature to keep them warm.

The island of Penang is located on the northwest coast of Peninsular Malaysia by the Strait of Malacca. Penang is one of the most developed states in the country and has become an area of rising tourist popularity, bringing humans in closer contact with this exotic species.

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