The shocking truth: What Global Warming is really doing to the weather

The shocking truth: What Global Warming is really doing to the weather

Climate change has resulted in some changes we didn't expect.

Scientists have predicted vicious droughts, violent storms, rising sea levels and general mayhem due to climate change — but actually, the weather’s been quite lovely and is likely to stay that way for a while.

And that might actually be a big problem, scientists say. Because we’re in an interim phase where the warmer temperatures mean milder, more pleasant conditions, Americans don’t see what the big deal is, according to a New York University statement.

All those mild temperatures are likely to give way to brutal heat eventually, and unfortunately, there will be no turning back the clock at that point — we’ll be stuck with unpleasant conditions.

But for now, Americans are enjoying the year-round gentle weather, and therefore don’t see why they should fuss over climate change when there are far more pressing concerns, whether big or small, global or personal.

But that doesn’t make global warming less of a reality. If nations don’t take action and control the rising temperatures over the next century, about 90 percent of Americans will experience worse weather by the end of the century, the NYU study claims.

“Rising temperatures are ominous symptoms of global climate change, but Americans are experiencing them at times of the year when warmer days are welcomed,” Patrick J. Egan, an associate professor in NYU’s Wilf Family Department of Politics who authored the study with Duke’s Megan Mullin, said in the statement.

“Weather patterns in recent decades have been a poor source of motivation for Americans to demand policies to combat the climate change problem,” observes Mullin. “But without serious efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, year-round climates ultimately will become much less pleasant.”

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