Bird watchers invade Wisconsin for International Migratory Bird Day

Bird watchers invade Wisconsin for International Migratory Bird Day

The migrations of hundreds of species of birds is a sight to behold.

Wisconsin is officially at the center of bird watching this month — and it allows conservationists to bring awareness to endangered species.

Bird watchers from all around are descending onto Wisconsin for International Migratory Bird Day, as everyone comes from many miles around to witness the mass migration of many bird species, according to a Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel report.

The reason why Wisconsin is such a great place to witness this annual event is because it sits near two major migratory pathways. As a result, more than 400 species have been recorded in the state, an incredible amount of adversity that makes this such an incredible spectacle for bird watchers.

It also calls into attention the plight of many endagered bird species, and raises awareness for conservation efforts.

Bird City Wisconsin partnered with a number of organizations back in 2010 to implement conservation efforts, encouraging communities to implement sound bird conservation practices, and has been working with city officials and conservation organizations to do that.

“Healthy communities are the sum of many parts, including birds,” Bird City Wisconsin says on their website. “Bird City Wisconsin mobilizes citizens and public officials who already know that birds are more than beautiful – they are significant. A Bird City is a community whose government educates its citizens about birds while implementing sound conservation practices. Bird City Wisconsin provides highly-visible public recognition to these communities, and guidance on future actions, to make Bird Cities better habitat for birds and people.”

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