Microsoft is killing ‘Project Spark’

Microsoft is killing ‘Project Spark’

The game-making platform has shut down for good, the team has announced.

Microsoft and developer Team Dakota have announced that the end is nigh for Project Spark, a game-making tool for Xbox One and Windows PC.

The team announced in a statement that Project Spark will no longer be available for download from the Windows or Xbox stores after May 13.

You can still download and upload user-generated content for a little while, but that shuts down as well on Aug. 12. Dakota community manager Thomas Gratz said in the statement that it was a “difficult decision” to end support for Project Spark, but many of the team members had moved on to other projects within Microsoft Studios, and that it therefore is not feasible to put in the behind-the-scenes effort needed to keep Project Spark viable.

For userse who have purchased a retail copy of Project Spark, Microsoft will offer credit that can be used in the Windows or Xbox stores.

Project Spark generated quite a bit of excitement when it was announced in 2013, allowing inexperienced game developers to create their own games and share them with the community.

“Despite this news, we want to celebrate the accomplishments of our team and community of creators and players,” the statement reads. “Our team released 46 content packs, thousands of assets and 16 updates since launch (averaging more than one update every two months). We produced hundreds of livestreams and videos to educate and celebrate our community. In turn, our passionate fans have then gone above and beyond supporting “Project Spark” by uploading hundreds of thousands of creations and dreaming up millions of objects, behaviors, and experiences. Outside the game, they created fan sites, tutorials, forums, apps, and more! We thank everyone who has played or created anything within “Project Spark,” as it would have never existed without you.”

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