New treatment could literally suck away your obesity

New treatment could literally suck away your obesity

The FDA has signed off on a brand new weight loss device that could represent a new tool in the global fight against obesity.

Good news, obesity sufferers: the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new device that could allow you to literally lose your lunch.

The FDA has just approved AspireAssist, a new device that is intended for obese people at least 22 years old who haven’t been able to lose weight via other means, even surgery, according to an FDA statement.

Aspire Bariatrics of King of Prussia, Pa., created the device, which consists of a pump and a hose that is surgically implanted in the stomach. About 20 to 30 minutes after a meal, the patient opens a valve and the device drains about 30 percent of the calories that go in, sending it straight into the toilet.

The FDA based its approval on a clinical trial of 111 people who used the device along with “lifestyle therapy” compared to a control group that had the therapy and no other assistance. Those with AspireAssist lost 12.1 percent of their body weight one year later, compared to just 3.6 percent for the control group.

“The AspireAssist approach helps provide effective control of calorie absorption, which is a key principle of weight management therapy,” said William Maisel, M.D., M.P.H., deputy director for science and chief scientist in the FDA’s Center for Devices and Radiological Health, in a statement. “Patients need to be regularly monitored by their health care provider and should follow a lifestyle program to help them develop healthier eating habits and reduce their calorie intake.”

The statement continues: “To place the device, surgeons insert a tube in the stomach with an endoscope via a small incision in the abdomen. A disk-shaped port valve that lies outside the body, flush against the skin of the abdomen, is connected to the tube and remains in place. Approximately 20 to 30 minutes after meal consumption, the patient attaches the device’s external connector and tubing to the port valve, opens the valve and drains the contents. Once opened, it takes approximately five to 10 minutes to drain food matter through the tube and into the toilet. The device removes approximately 30 percent of the calories consumed.”

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