This will improve your memory instantly

This will improve your memory instantly

A new study comes to a surprising conclusion on what it takes to improve your long-term memory.

As we reported recently, a new study claims that aerobic exercise four hours after an intense learning session can help boost your memory — but that’s not the only way to instantly improve your memory.

Scientists recently found that aerobic exercise four hours after a memorization task — not right afterward — increase people’s ability to recall information, according to a Cell Press statement. Researchers think that may be because the brain continues to process new memories after learning, and physical exercise aids in the release of brain chemicals like dopamine and noradrenaline that are believed to help the process along. The study is based on 72 participants who were split into three groups: those that exercised right after learning, those that exercised four hours later, and those that didn’t exercise at all.

“Our results suggest that appropriately timed physical exercise can improve long-term memory and highlight the potential of exercise as an intervention in educational and clinical settings,” the researchers conclude.

But this technique isn’t the only way to dramatically boost your memory.

Diet is really important to brain health. Eating a diet rich in seafood, legumes, and fruits and vegetables will help give your brain a boost.

Exercise in general will also improve brain health, so don’t just exercise after a learning activity. Make it a daily habit to get aerobics in.

Give your brain a rest. Avoid multi-tasking during the day, and make sure to give yourself a good night’s sleep.

Make sure to challenge your brain by mastering a new skill or playing brain games. Studies have shown that giving yourself a mental workout can help keep the brain sharp.

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