Warning: This food will dramatically increase your risk of Alzheimer’s

Warning: This food will dramatically increase your risk of Alzheimer’s

If you want to avoid Alzheimer's, it's best to avoid these foods.

As we recently reported, scientists made a groundbreaking discovery that shows it’s possible to recover from early Alzheimer’s symptoms — but watch out for this food if you want to lower your risk from getting the disease in the first place.

Scientists in New York have found that while you may love firing up the grill and flame-broiling your favorite meats, it may be a bad idea long term, according to a Bel Marra Health report.

As the number of Americans 65 and older top 7 million in the next 10 years, scientists are trying to figure out how to cure it and how to prevent it. One of the ways to prevent it may be to avoid grilled and fried steaks, burgers and hot dogs.

But why is this the case? Scientists think that heat-processed animal products contain high levels of what are known as “glycation end-products” (AGEs), which raises the risk of certain diseases in our bodies.

Scientists conducted a clinical study in healthy humans over 60 years of age, finding that some had high AGE levels in the blood while others had low AGE levels, and after nine months, people with low AGE levels tended to remain healthier than those with higher levels.

So the best way to avoid Alzheimer’s may be to eat a diet of seafood, poultry, beans and soy, whole grains, and fruits and vegetables.

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