This video of Earth will blow your mind

This video of Earth will blow your mind

A new video from NASA presents an entirely new perspective on our planet.

NASA has just released a video (below) that could change how you look at the blue planet we live on.

It’s easy to forget that we’re just a spinning blue ball in the middle of nowhere in space with nothing around us but blackness and distant rocks, but nothing brings that home like NASA’s video of the Earth spinning 365 times from a distance of 1 million miles away.

NASA released the first ever image of the Earth taken by the EPIC camera on the DSCOVR satellite last year, and since then the camera has captured a full year of our planet’s history from a distance of 1 million miles. NASA compiled 3,000 images and turned them into a video of the Earth spinning over the course of a year.

The camera captured some interesting events during this time. It caught a total solar eclipse, showing the moon’s black shadow moving across the Indian and Pacific oceans, which happened back in March.

It also caught a lunar transit, which is when the moon passed between the Earth and the satellite.

Then there’s the weather. The camera managed to capture a trio of large storms in the Pacific Ocean, as well as forest fires in Southeast Asia.

“Thanks to NASA’s EPIC imager, DSCOVR’s orbit also gives Earth scientists a unique vantage point for studies of the atmosphere and climate by continuously viewing the sunlit side of the planet,” the NASA statement reads. “EPIC provides global spectral images of of Earth and insight into Earth’s energy balance. EPIC’s observations provide a unique angular perspective, and are used in science applications to measure ozone amounts, aerosol amounts, cloud height and phase, vegetation properties, hotspot land properties and UV radiation estimates at Earth’s surface.”

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