Here’s how to watch the spectacular Perseid meteor showers

Here’s how to watch the spectacular Perseid meteor showers

The Perseids will be gone soon, so be sure to catch them now during one of their biggest displays.

It’s the biggest, brightest meteor shower of the summer, and you still get to catch a glimpse of it — but time is running out. The Perseid meteor shower peaks from Aug. 11-13, meaning time is running out to view it in the Northern Hemisphere as it fills the sky with 100 meteors per hour.

And this meteor shower will feature more meteors than usual, with nearly double the amount of meteors for the Perseids in 2016. The best time to view them was on the morning of Aug. 12, but you’ll get to wath them throughout this weekend.

If you want to see the meteor shower this weekend, there’s a few things you’ll need to do.

For one thing, avoid light pollution. Don’t bother trying to watch it in the city, you’ll need to head out to a more rural area to catch the true spectacular visage that is the Perseid meteor shower.

If you want to photograph the event, use a wide angle lens to get the best shot of a shooting star. Set your focus on manual to focus on the brightet star or planet in the sky to get a better shot of capturing a meteor. And also, take as many photos as possible — a shooting star can be gone in an instant.

Look at the darkest part of the sky, which is generally straight up. This will increase your chances of spotting a meteor.

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