Jessica Alba is a big Jason Statham fan

Jessica Alba is a big Jason Statham fan

Alba: “He's better than some stunt people that I've worked with”

Jessica Alba decided to appear in Mechanic: Resurrection partly because she and her husband are Jason Statham fans.

The Machete actress – who has two daughters with Cash Warren – happily accepted her newest role and says Statham’s action skills are “insane.”

She told Hello! magazine: “My husband and I are both fans of Jason Statham. I love action movies and think he’s one of the best – if not the best – action stars right now.

I mean, what Jason can do with his body is insane. He’s better than some stunt people that I’ve worked with. I thought it would just be fun, frankly, and such a different thing to my day-to-day.”

Although the actress enjoys playing a wide range of roles, she was interested in her newest gig only if she were given a strong lead.

“I don’t know if I ever had a fear of being typecast. I’ve done comedy, drama, action, comic-book movies so I’ve made it a point to keep the work that I’ve done pretty diverse.

I thought it was important that if I was going to be in an action movie at this point in my life, I should play a strong character, not just a victim or a damsel in distress, but someone who was tough, smart and capable.”

Alba also praised her role as Sue Storm in the Fantastic Four as she was one of the only female superheroes at the time.

She added: “I loved the ‘Fantastic Four‘ movies because I remember how fun it was to play a superhero.

At the time, Sue Storm was one of the first female superheroes who was really a main character in an action movie. That was really cool.”

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