Jesy Nelson and Jake Roche too busy to wed

Jesy Nelson and Jake Roche too busy to wed

The two are focusing on new music at the moment

Singer Jesy Nelson admitted that she and fiancé Jake Roche are too busy to think about marriage at the moment. The news comes after her mother-in-law, Coleen Nolan, predicted that their wedding will happen sooner rather than later.

Nelson revealed to the Daily Mirror: “I wish our wedding plans were moving forward, but no. Things have been so full-on for us for the past year, we just haven’t had any time to do anything. We’re still happy and are enjoying being engaged.”

The star believes they will simply “know” when the time is right, as their daily lives are already stressful enough.

“I think we’ll both know when we want the wedding to happen – when we’ve got time. We don’t want to be working and having loads of things going on while planning the big day – it’s just too stressful.”

Part of their busy schedule includes working together in the studio and collaborating on new music.

She added: “We’ve been in the studio together trying to write songs, which was really exciting. We haven’t written any love songs yet – we’re just trying to get a hit. We work well together but we probably won’t duet yet – maybe in a few years.”

Roche proposed to Nelson with the help of friend Ed Sheeran last year, though Coleen Nolan says the Me and My Broken Heart hitmaker had many other ideas on how to pop the question.

She stated: “We were all in on the secret. He ran lots of ideas past me but decided in the end to get down on one knee during the soundcheck, and got his mate Ed Sheeran to serenade them.”

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