Michelle Dockery talks about family, death of fiancé, and future

Michelle Dockery talks about family, death of fiancé, and future

The ‘Downton Abbey’ star is grateful for the opportunities available to her

Michelle Dockery is generally reserved about her private life, especially after the death of her fiancé, john Dineen, after losing his battle with cancer at age 34. The actress, however, recently opened up and praised friends and family for their ongoing emotional support.

Dockery is grateful to have people in her life who are helping her to cope, as she explained to the Sunday Telegraph: “No one I would name because I am very private about my private life. But friends and family see you through the most difficult times.”

The star also says that acting has kept her busy and serves as a form of release. Dockery shared her opinion about her new role on the show Good Behavior: “It was very fortunate for me that this came along at the right time. It wasn’t a conscious decision to do something so totally different from Lady Mary but I was completely hooked on the script from the first page and I loved the complexity of the character.”

The 34-year-old actress is also looking forward to playing Lady Mary once again, should a Downton Abbey movie be produced.

She added: “‘Downton Abbey’ was an incredible journey for six years and we were very sad to say goodbye, but it was the right time and it was very exciting actually leaving and going on to something like this and a whole new path in my career.”

Dockery also expressed her love toward fellow cast members, adding: “The thing that I miss the most are my cast members. But we are all still very close. I think there is potential for a film. That is something I would wholeheartedly consider, so we will see. It may not be over yet.”

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