Nicole Scherzinger is “very happy” with Grigor Dimitrov

Nicole Scherzinger is “very happy” with Grigor Dimitrov

Scherzinger insists she does not wish to hurt ex-partner Lewis Hamilton

Nicole Scherzinger feels she is in “a good place” managing her personal and professional life. The singer was previously in a troubled relationship with Lewis Hamilton and is now dating Grigor Dimitrov.

The two were together for seven years before she moved on with Dimitrov, 25, and Scherzinger says she is now happier than ever.

She revealed to The Sun: “I’m at a very good place now. I’m really happy. I don’t feel like there is any wall up or any tension or awkwardness. But that’s what’s so great with time and life and experience. What doesn’t break you or doesn’t kill you really only makes you stronger.”

The singer seemed to blast her ex-boyfriend on the new season of The X Factor after a contestant sang her song Run, containing the lyrics, “He’ll leave you with a broken heart.”

Simon Cowell jokingly replied with, “Why did this song make me think of Lewis? Run away, Nicole, run away fast.”

However, Scherzinger insisted she has no hard feelings against Hamilton, despite dedicating the song to her troubled relationship.

“I wasn’t shying away from anything. But I’m not taking any low digs or slaps at my past relationship because that’s just not who I am. Music speaks for itself and it’s open to interpretation for everyone. But everything I sing, I sing it from my piece of truth,” she added.

Despite having no problems with Hamilton, Scherzinger is displeased with Simon as she feels he took the credit for forming the group One Direction in 2010.

She shared: “I stand by that. I’d fight with him on this. He could at least give me the credit because he’s getting the cash flow from it. These kids are looking at houses the same price as mine. I’m like, ‘Wait a second here!’ I’m the one having to stand in line to buy One Direction backpacks for my nieces.”

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