Scientists crushed: Huge disappointment for the Large Hardon Collider

Scientists crushed: Huge disappointment for the Large Hardon Collider

A mysterious "bump" spotted by the LHC isn't all it's cracked up to be.

It would have been an astonishing discovery: scientists thought a mysterious “bump” detected by the Large Hadron Collider may have been the indication of a new type of particle that could totally change our understand of the universe. But new results from the LHC saw the bump disappear, disappointing many scientists who thought they had just stumbled upon a paradigm shift in physics, according to a BBC report.

Scientists have been discussing the latest LHC results at a conference in Chicago, with David Charlton of Birmingham University, the leader of the experiment, telling everyone how disappointed they were. He called it a “pity,” according to the report.

The bump was actually picked up by two separate LHC detectors, but as it turns out, it was simply an extraordinary coincidence.

Still, the LHC team continues to have high hopes of future discoveries as they continue toward learning more and more about our university the incredible machine, buried deep underground in Europe. Just because we don’t find anything right away, scientists say, doesn’t mean they aren’t going to find anything huge next year, or the year after that, describing it as akin to landing on a new planet and exploring the massive landscape.

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