Scott Disick gives parenting advice to Rob Kardashian

Scott Disick gives parenting advice to Rob Kardashian

The TV star looks forward to Rob becoming a new dad

Scott Disick has been helping Rob Kardashian with parenting advice in preparation for his first child with Blac Chyna. Disick currently has three children with Rob’s sister, Kourtney Kardashian, and is confident he will be a good father.

Disick told Us magazine: “I think every day is such a big day, especially when you’re a dad. I’ve given Rob a lot of advice, but all things, I think, will pan out in the whole television thing that we do. I think people will see it there.”

On the other hand, Disick admitted it’s tough giving general advice to Kylie Jenner because her life is drastically different than his when he was a teen.

While speaking about the 19-year-old reality star, he added: “I think she lives in a much different parachute than I lived in when I was 19. The world is pretty intense. I give her the utmost respect with the way she’s been able to carry herself with all the publicity that surrounds her.”

The 33-year-old TV personality – who is no longer dating Kourtney – had previously disclosed his excitement over Rob becoming a dad as his son would be like a sibling to his own kids.

He shared: “We’re all such a close-knit family that all of our kids are more like brother and sister and not just cousins. It’s bigger than just cousins …

“We all live within each other’s lives, so yeah, it’s like everyone is like everybody’s [child]. So it’s not going to be different when Rob & Chyna have their kid, that’s going to be a sister or a brother to my kids.”

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