Should you be terrified of Zika?

Should you be terrified of Zika?

Zika virus has been all the rage lately, but is there really any reason to be concerned about it?

It’s not just the Zika virus that’s spreading, it’s also panic about the Zika virus … but is it totally overblown? Word came down Friday that mosquitoes had infected locals and tourists on South Beach in Miami with the Zika virus, not long after an outbreak in nearby Wynwood, and people are becoming increasingly concerned that the virus that has ravaged South and Central America could push into the United States.

But the reality is, Zika is unlikely to become a big problem in the U.S. There could be pockets of outbreaks in tropical parts of the U.S. like southern Florida, but Zika is a primarily tropical disease that is not likely to survive in, say, Indiana or Oregon.

That’s not to say there isn’t a risk — it’s just not as big as many people think.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are trying to take the super cautionary approach and advise people to avoid areas with Zika and takes steps to prevent infection, such as wearing mosquito repellent and basically taking steps to make sure you don’t get bit by mosquitoes.

But if you’re worried about Zika, unless you’re travel to the Caribbean, South America, or you live in Miami, you probably don’t have much to be concerned about.

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