Tesla makes a huge announcement

Tesla makes a huge announcement

Tesla is making a big change to its Model X and S cars.

There’s big news over at Tesla — and anyone who’s a fan of the Elon Musk brainchild should stand up and take notice. Tesla is offering two year leases on its Model S and Model X vehicles from now until Sept. 12.

Tesla is listening to customer requests to offer a shorter lease program. The company has previously offered three year leases. Although monthly payments start at less than $600 per month, it won’t come cheap, as you’ll have to plunk down more than $7,000 on a down payment. It’s about half that for the three year lease.

It could be that Tesla is trying to boost their bottom line after performing poorly in the 2nd quarter. By offering two year leases until September, it allows the vehicles to be counted in time for the third quarter earnings. There’s no word on whether this offer will be extended past September.

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