Will Donald Trump’s supporters get angry at his immigration flip flop?

Will Donald Trump’s supporters get angry at his immigration flip flop?

Trump has gotten a huge amount of supporters by promising to deport illegal immigrants and build a wall on the Mexican border.

Donald Trump’s campaign says it’s not a flip flop — but let’s face it, it is. And the big question is whether his softening stance on immigration will cost him big time among his own supporters.

The Republican presidential nominee build a massive following almost exclusively based on his promise to deport millions of illegal immigrants in the country and to build a huge wall on the Mexican border to keep more from coming him. While he isn’t changing his tone on the wall, he’s now saying that he’d basically do the same thing as President Obama and George W. Bush when it comes to dealing with undocumented immigrants — a far cry from deporting 11 million people to Mexico.

Trump said he was going to focus on getting rid of the “bad ones” when it comes to illegal immigrants, rather than worry about getting rid of all of them. He said he would be more worried about criminals and gang members rather than ordinary individuals who aren’t involved in a lot of violent crime.

He did note later that “everybody else” would go through a process, but it’s the same process used by the Obama administration. The difference? “More energy,” Trump says.

Surprisingly, he praised Obama for getting “tremendous numbers of people out of the country,” and added that he’d continue to do that same thing as Obama did. It remains to be seen whether Trump’s supporters, or are furiously anti-Obama, especially when it comes to immigration, will be happy to hear that Trump plans to simply continue Obama’s immigration policies if he is elected president.

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